LLU3604 Constitutional Law I course of the LLB Degree Programme. This is a Level 3 compulsory course, in the Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Degree Programme. This is a 06 credit course requiring about 300 hours of study. 

This course aims to provide you with a thorough grasp of the theoretical foundations of constitutionalism and an appreciation for how these principles have been manifested in the constitutional history of Sri Lanka.

Roman Law- LLU3302 is one of the core courses of the LL.B (Honours) Degree Program and forms the foundation for the successful study of law. This course provides you with an understanding of the evolution of the law and helps you to identify the sources of the law in Sri Lanka, their content, and how to access them.

Interpretation of Statutes and Documents is a Level 3 course of the LL.B (Hons) Degree Programme that aims to provide you with an understanding of the process of judicial interpretation. 

LLU 3505 Equity and Trusts Law course in Level 3, LL.B (Honours) Degree Programme. This is a 05 credits course. Basically, this course has been designed to enlighten the history and the developments of the principles of Equity and the evolution of the Law of Trusts.

 LLU3601 - "Legal System and Legal History of Sri Lanka" course provides an understanding of Roman-Dutch Law, English Law, Kandyan Law, Tesawalamai Law and Muslim Law with the application of law and the contemporary developments in particular areas. This Level 3 course is one of the compulsory courses that make the Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Degree Programme. It is a 06 Credits course which will require about 300 hours of study.

LLU3602 Legal Method and Legal Writing course of the LLB( Honours) Degree programme. Legal Method and Legal Writing is a six-credit course offered in two parts.

Part I- Legal Method
Part II - Legal Writing 

Part I  discusses sources of law, and Part II gives you knowledge about how to search legal sources, write legal answers, and develop critical thinking and arguments.