CYD 3601 - Laboratory Techniques in Chemistry is a 6 credit course regarding the main techniques and theory that should develop to work and management  in a chemistry laboratory.

DMD3307 - "Workshop Theory and Practice" - A 13 Days Workshop practical which helps students to get the basic Engineering hands on skills on Lathe machine and its operations, Metal fitting through making Nut and Bolt, Gas welding and Metal Arc welding techniques, Electrical house wiring with Soldering and Desoldering, Sheet metal work, and Basic Civil Engineering concepts.

This is a 3 credit level 6 course for the students for the DLT programme. This is a optional course in the offered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

"FND3405 – Project in Laboratory Technology" - a Level 03 First and Second-semester course offered for the Diploma in Laboratory Technology Programme.

My name is Mr. C. Halwathura and I am the Coordinator for this course.

FND3602 is a 6-credit course coordinated by the Department of Botany in the first semester of the academic year

 Laboratory Techniques in Biology (FND3606)  course offered by the Department of Zoology together with Department of  Botany. This course is  a six credit course  offers as an optional course in Diploma programme.

As a  member of technical staff in the  Biology laboratory  you need  the knowledge in organizing and managing the laboratory equipment and services, purchasing the chemicals and equipment depending on the requirement,  maintaining them and also keeping records in a data base.  Main objective of offering  optional course (FND3606)  is to   give you a good training and  experience to become a competent technical staff  member to run and maintain  Biology  laboratory with  information systems.

This is a 6 credit course  offered under Diploma in Laboratory Technology Programme (DLT) . This course will require 300 hours of study time . This course consists of  a theory  component  and a practical component. Theory component consists of 12 units and for the practical component there are  27 laboratory experiments.