BYP9503 Environmental Pollution is a level 9 course of the M.Sc. in Environmental Science Degree Programme. This is a 5 credit course which requires about 250 study hours.

This course is designed to give you an understanding about the issues and problems faced by the mankind while interacting with the environment in which he lives. The effects due to these interactions could be either positive or negative. The negative effects are the main courses for Environmental Pollution. Through this course, we are trying to improve your knowledge on how this pollution is happening and possible measures that can be taken to minimize the adverse effects of environmental pollution to continue in a sustainable manner.

NEP9501/NEP1207 "Environmental Law" is a Level 6 course in the M.Sc in Environmental Sciences" programme. It is a 6 credit course. This online course is meant to supplement the day schools, and importantly, provide a forum for students to stay in touch with each other and with the teacher.

MHP9504 - Environment, Society and Development is a compulsory level 9 course offered in the first year of the M.Sc. programme in Environmental Sciences. The course will develop the ability of students to critically look at the relationship between society and the environment.

"Understanding the Environment" ZYP9505, is a level 9 course unit of the M. Sc programme in Environment Science. It is a five credit course and students will have to spend 250 hours for self study and assessments.

This is a compulsory course for M.Sc programme and it consists of four different units  such as Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere and Biosphere.

This is ZYP9506 - "Environmental Policy Planning & Assessment" - five credit course offered at level 9 of the MSc. in Environmental Science Programme.

This is ZYPA604 - "Climate Change" - six credit course offered at level 10 of the MSc. in Environmental Science Programme.