This is a 5 credit course that will introduce you to the basic concepts and analytical approaches that are central to the genre of drama. 

This 5 credit course will introduce you to 2 of the major genres of fiction - the novel and the short story.

"LED3510 Introduction to Poetry (Nature)" is a 5 credit course to introduce you to the foundational principles for appreciating and analysing poetry. 

LED3509/ LSD1209 "ADVANCED GRAMMAR & COMMUNICATION SKILLS" is a 5 credit course that will equip learners with the basic grammar and communications skills needed to succeed as a student but also in professional environments.

This is a five credit course, which primarily focuses on essay writing.

LED 3507/ LSD 1207 "ADVANCED READING SKILLS"  is a 5 credit course that will equip you with the basic reading skills you need to succeed as a Diploma student.