"ADC2206-Mathematics for Laboratory Technology" - a Level 02 First semester course offered for the Advanced Certificate in Laboratory Technology Programme.

"Laboratory Techniques in Plant Science" is one of the course in Advanced certificate in laboratory technology programme.This course is offered by the Department of Botany. The main purpose of the course is to provide you a broad and basic knowledge on the anatomical, morphological, and physiological diversity within the plant kingdom and ecosystems. It focusses on developing your skills in relation to basic and applied aspects of plant science using classical and modern techniques. In addition, practical sessions of the course are designed to enhance the practical skills and hands on experience in a laboratory environment.

This is a 2 credits course offered by the Dept. of Computer Science, Faculty of Natural Sciences. It provides very basic knowledge of computer Skills that you required to fulfil your course.

This is a 4 credit Level 2 course conducted by the Department of Zoology in first semester. This course provides the theoretical knowledge and practical experience on handling, culturing, collection, preservation and storage of animals, study of ecosystems and its components and indicator of human/animal physiological conditions, using classical and modern methods.